Welcome to LinMar.  We are songwriters and photographers based out of Melbourne Florida.  My name is Martin Weeks, and my partner is Linda Keser.  

Here's the first Video we created last year for our Christmas Album.  Walking On A Rainbow.  All the photography is original Linda Keser Works.

We  write songs for all manner of performers, commercials, and other professional endeavors.  You can find more of our stuff on Broadjam, and other links as we expand this site.  We also sell our CD's and Photography here as well as through our Nibmit Store. 
 If you are a performer and seeking new material please contact us through our email list.  If you are looking for commercial jingle for your business, or background music for your television, radio, or other media again email us and lets see if it's a good fit?  Thank you again for looking in on us.

As with any business venture whether it's a "Love Thing" or "Basic Service Provider" there are always issues, expenses (both foreseen and unforeseen) so if you can please do leave a contribution for our overall development. If you'd like to donate please click the donation button to the right and we will send you a free download song.

Thanks for dropping by.  And please feel free to leave us an email.  



For online session recording for Your Next Project Please contact us here: Martin Weeks, Harmonica on SoundBetter
2ndFork Records has just released the new CD: "Whetstone-Iron and Oak" available on Amazon, Google Play Store, Spotify and other Digital Outlets.
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